Café & Amigos

La Libertad Km. 42 ½ Carretera El Litoral, San Alfonso,
Tamanique, La Libertad, El Salvador.

Mon – Sat  8:00 am – 5:00 pm


An assortment of delicious desserts, breads, rolls, muffins, and sponge cakes – all freshly baked and made in different flavors.


We have a good variety of sweet treats, cookies and sandwiches to satisfy any craving.


We have an array of drinks including coffee, tea, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, sodas, and mineral water, guaranteed to satisfy your thirst.

About the bakery

The bakery allows us to bring weekly educational workshops to teach members of our community the art of bread-making.
Students include adolescents and young adults from our homes and surrounding areas.

It also helps and serves us as an additional source of income to support the orphanage and fund our programs.

If you want a single cookie or a big piece of cake, we have a wide selection of treats to tackle any appetite.

Café y Amigos is open whenever you’re looking for something sweet, savory, or if you don’t know what you want but know you want something.

You’ll love our cozy cafe, whether you’re solo, with a friend, or in a group. There will be room and the door is always be open for new and old friends.

Come and visit us to get a little taste of everything! There will always be something delicious waiting for you!